Plan for your goal​​​​​
What you can expect from one or two sessions:

-A feeling of wellbeing and relaxation

-Improved sleep for up to a week

-Temporary relief from chronic conditions

-Resolution of short term pain
(for example from a fall or recent dental work)

-Relief from aches and pains

Why consider a package?

Together, we can create a program that's unique to you.

Email me at [email protected]  

Call/Text me at 587-717-7899

A 5 session package

-Do you need help resolving either emotional and/or physical pain?

Maybe it hasn't been diagnosed, but things just aren't feeling optimal.

-emerging from a challenging circumstance, or health crisis

-pursue the goal of greater comfort in one's own skin. Lets improve what's already working, and enhance 'embodiment' as a health goal.

A 10 session package 

-A series of 10 sessions is designed to support you in the following life

situations: Post Surgical, Chronic Fatigue/Chronic Pain, Supporting Pregnancy

and Preparation for Labour, Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD.


First time initial visit:$135
*including 30mins. consultation+60mins. session 

Single visit: Adult:80mins. $108 / 140mins. $153
                   Child:60mins. $81 

A 5 session package:Adult:$450  Child:$350
* 5 times 80mins. Session. You save more than 15% 
A 10 session package:Adult:$900  Child:$700
*10 times 80mins. Session. 

Cost of 9 sessions gives you 10 sessions!! 

Payment Methods:

E-Transfer, Cheque, Cash