"I have found all of my craniosacral sessions with Chiharu to be very beneficial. Not only have I felt comfortable, safe and relaxed, but I also find Chiharu to be very intuitive and accurate in her work. Areas of tension and pain in my body are often released during a session, and occasionally emotional connections have arisen and I have been able to work through them. I always feel better and more balanced when we are done."

​~Beverly W. (51)
"For many years I’ve suffered from tension in my head, eyes, neck, jaw, and my TMJ - a result of a car accident, dental work, and stress. Recently I had an infection in my tooth which moved to my jaw, then became systemic. Along with antibacterial treatments, I went to see Chiharu, and she was able, through cranial sacral, release tension in my jaw and teeth that helped move the infection through my body so it could heal. I felt so much better every time Chiharu performed cranial sacral on me, and was able to sleep better, and my pain lessened immediately. I absolutely recommend her, and am very grateful that she will be licensed for children soon as well!"

~Cheryl (​48)

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy is a subtle, powerful and transformative practice. Chiharu brings a grace and strength to this work that makes it particularly effective. I highly recommend her as a practitioner and healer. The healing in my own life, as a result of our sessions, is something I am very grateful for.

~A.W (47)

"Chiharu helped me to find a balance in my body and consequently in my life. I am truly grateful for her loving and caring hands. I highly recommend her as a Craniosacral therapist."
~Carolina M.
"Chiharu is a great professional, knowledgeable, calm, gentle, and caring. I strongly recommend her if you are looking for Craniosacral therapy." 
~Fernando M.